Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide

Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide

Justin Webster (Author)

(27 customer reviews)



Weight loss program eating real food. A program that teaches you how to lose the weight and keep it off. A great way to change your lifestyle and be healthy.

Welcome to the Sempra Health Weight Loss Family, where you will discover life-changing and transformational habits. We have a 30-day and optional 20-day nutritional, balancing weight loss program. We strongly believe in 30 days, as it is long enough to accomplish the goal while being done safely. With a follow up 20-day program, if necessary.

‘NO STARVING!!’ – Is our motto.

You will receive the optimum information needed from a company that has done this professionally in the weight loss field. Our mission is to help everyone!

You will discover tools that will enable you to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle continuously. This is different from other programs because we have you to eat ‘real’ food while not starving. We allow you to continue a similar lifestyle after the program. There are no crazy adjustments like when you order prepackaged food and then go back to regular food afterward. We keep it attainable and straightforward for everyone! Constant change is part of life and many areas, but weight and simplicity in the process can be regular.

You can read our Published Book – ‘Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide’ by Author, Justin Webster. This Book is the ultimate guide for losing weight step by step. This also contains journal with recipes, that will help you to lose weight.

This book is available worldwide in all International Book stores and platforms.

Thank you!

27 reviews for Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide

  1. Margaret Gambardella

    It is exactly what I was looking for. I wish I had it at the beginning of my diet but I will be doing another round so having it is great. Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide is Awesome.

  2. Ellen David

    This book is awesome! 5 out of 5 Quality of the book is too Good.

  3. Gary Angelo

    Outstanding Journal!!!!

  4. Tyesha Scott

    Too many weight loss books are filled with information I really don’t care to read because they’re just too in depth . This cuts through to just the basics that I needed. A quick, witty read that informs and educates. And I love the Journal of Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide.

  5. Dean G. Thomas

    This book shipped quickly and was a fast read. It is full of useful diet/lifestyle modification information that is easy enough to incorporate into everyday living. The Best part of Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide (by Justin Webster (Author)) is everyday Journaling. But need more extra pages at the back of the Book.

  6. Bev Matuszak

    I haven’t completed the book, but what I’ve read is good. I was looking for some ideas for meals. Need to explore the book more.

  7. Elizabeth Robertson

    Great diet and great info. Thanks to Sempra Health and Inovie Books

  8. Da kuzz

    Great information in this book. Quick read and easy to understand. I have been following this program and hoping for success. Appreciate Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide.

  9. BB Jeannie

    I just started this program and find it is easy to follow and I never feel hungry. This book is a very easy read – short and packed full of information that is easy to understand. If you have had a lifetime of dieting failures, you may feel like there is nothing you haven’t heard. But, this book gives some insight as to why we crave the foods we do and how to control that.

  10. Fildaus Umutoniwase

    This book is a must have for anyone who’s looking to lose weight and for anyone looking to start a healthier lifestyle. Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide is the Best Weight loss Journal.

  11. Bella Penrose

    I have never heard a diet with NO STARVING! This word got my eyes and eventually I bought the book and the results are more than my expectations. Thanks a lot to the Author Justin Webster. I would love to talk or meet with him and discuss regarding few of my health issues.

  12. Leslie Turner

    Since a very long time I was horribly searching a weight control book for myself but in vain. Suddenly someone approached me on Social media about Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide which I Liked a lot and also got a discount for the same.

  13. Darlene Poeppel

    This book cum Journal in spiral binding really gives you the facts that help in your weight loss journey. I am looking forward to meeting Justin Webster.

  14. Dawn Midbrod

    The book arrived quickly and was brand-new condition. Content is excellent, I would recommend this book to everyone. Hopefully it will help a lot of people. Thanks for the Discount.

  15. Nicloe Tyson

    This journal is awesome. I have just completed reading it. And I’m following the 30 Day Program. And I’m waiting for the next version of this book with more weight loss recipes in it.

  16. Cheryl Dawn

    Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide by Justin Webster, this item is well worth every penny spent. is a must for anyone with weight loss issues. I recommend to everyone. Thanks to Inovie Books.

  17. Lanena Winson

    Great product for the price !! I also got 20% Discount which also inspired me to get this Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide.

  18. Wendy Brown

    Very informational, but also in terms I could understand. Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide Journal is Awesome. It was shipped to me very quickly.

  19. Pierre Suter

    I just finished reading this book and am considering following the program. I found the book to be very interesting. Only one problem I faced while Journaling is, if I make mistake, there is no scope to use another page. Want more Extra pages at the last.

  20. Olle Woodson

    The book is sweet and simple. All the things are up to the point. Journal with weight loss recipes are unimaginable.

  21. Tom Robin

    Thanks for the discount. The book is really worth it.

  22. Libra Paul

    A super-duper Roller Coaster ride full of interesting and helpful facts about weight loss and healthy diet.

  23. Jimmy Cammel

    Lovely. Worth it!! Thanks

  24. Swap Robertson

    Very interesting and excellent reading it…..

  25. Barbara Dawson

    Five Star *****

  26. Alex

    I Love the book!!! This time I’m really hopeful that I would rid of my extra weight that I’ve gained due to Work From Home.

  27. Alice Jacob

    The book seems to be really helpful and the ultimate solution for my belly fat problem. Hope so it will stand on my expectations.

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