Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide E-Book

Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide

Justin Webster (Author)

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Weight loss program eating real food. A program that teaches you how to lose the weight and keep it off. A great way to change your lifestyle and be healthy.

Welcome to the Sempra Health Weight Loss Family, where you will discover life-changing and transformational habits. We have a 30-day and optional 20-day nutritional, balancing weight loss program. We strongly believe in 30 days, as it is long enough to accomplish the goal while being done safely. With a follow up 20-day program, if necessary.

‘NO STARVING!!’ – Is our motto.

You will receive the optimum information needed from a company that has done this professionally in the weight loss field. Our mission is to help everyone!

You will discover tools that will enable you to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle continuously. This is different from other programs because we have you to eat ‘real’ food while not starving. We allow you to continue a similar lifestyle after the program. There are no crazy adjustments like when you order prepackaged food and then go back to regular food afterward. We keep it attainable and straightforward for everyone! Constant change is part of life and many areas, but weight and simplicity in the process can be regular.

You can read our Published Book – ‘Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide’ by Author, Justin Webster. This Book is the ultimate guide for losing weight step by step. This also contains journal with recipes, that will help you to lose weight.

This book is available worldwide in all International Book stores and platforms.

Thank you!

1 review for Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide E-Book

  1. Ryan

    There’s no doubt that the key to good health is what we choose to put into it — and the Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide EBook, Dr. Justin uses a no-nonsense, clear approach to weight loss planning that helped me kick my post covid19 “Dad-Bod” back into shape. The weight loss planner gave me a step-by-step path to improving my diet choices. I didn’t realize how many mistakes I was actually making before that probably caused other plans to fail me. While I started with the E-Book because it was so affordable, came back to get the printed planner and got a discount as a returning client! 100% recommend you get the printed version.

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