Belief and Morality on Children (HARDCOVER)

Morality is seen as a combination of permanent habits and mental display of values and rules. The internalized development that is controlled, regulated and transformed by impulse that conflict with societal functions (Turiel, 1983).As children age increase their selfish and impulsive behavior become curbed and modified in becoming more consistent with group interests and standards. Morality entails human conscience, internalized parental authority, internalized societal values, norms, cultural ways and religiosity.

Differences in parental, societal and cultural ways make moral reasoning differ in groups and having it done in several ways. Morality is largely affected by culture but not all individuals in a particular culture subscribe to the same beliefs and it is related to religious and cultural beliefs. These differences contribute in making distinctions between moral issues and the customary of the environment.



Belief and Morality on Children


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