MYT: Make You Think Questions 

MYT: Make You Think Questions 



Some of life’s most excellent teachers are often taught to us from us making mistakes or going through something.You know the cliche! “what you know about” this what you know about that, and then someone usually tells this drawn-out story about how they’re the victim of somebody doing them wrong repeatedly. I sit back like, and you didn’t catch on to that? Really? Or did you turn a blind eye to it?

Have you ever locked your car keys in the car they never taught us in school what to do when you lock your keys in the car, did they?These are life lessons that you work your way through. It took me only one time to pay someone a hundred bucks to break in my car because I locked my keys in it. So I had to pay for my mistake with money. On top of that, it was money I already didn’t have to spare mainly based on an error that could have been avoided. So now, I carry an extra copy of my key in my wallet, and I also made an extra one for my locker at the job. Things often happened to us for a reason; all I’m merely asking is for you to share how you overcame your life situations no matter how big or small you may think it is. By answering these questions .

I’m talking about the full facts and not the Hero version where you seamlessly Conquered the situation. We are all in here to learn more,no one knows you better than you, so use that as a means to prove people wrong about you and to share your testimony on how you overcame that obstacle. Stop settling for labels or fighting to get a sticker to remember names always have expiration dates. These questions are a great foundation builder for any relationship

The reasoning behind this book is to provide you with a continuation of the MyT questions that were given to you in my Talk 2 Me ( T2M) podcast show. There has been such a craving for more questions and activities that I had to give you what you want. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you for giving me a chance to show and prove. Please enjoy the content, and make sure you apply some, if not all, of the acronyms I’ve created to your life journey. (This content is not suitable children). If there is one acronym to take away from that book, it would be to Appreciate And Respect (AAR). Remember to always AAR one another, especially as you delve into the questions in this book.


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