The Unicorn Letter

The Unicorn Letter

Manda Menzies (Author)



A legacy.

A duty and a killer. Samantha Robbins would need a very open mind to unravel the mystery left for her in this letter penned by her late grandmother. Not only had she left her very comfortably off, but with it came some very unexpected duties. The greatest mystery seemed to be not who might have killed her grandmother and a few other souls in the community, but who had her grandmother been?

The grandmother she had thought she had known, has turned out to be somebody completely different and also not quite as dead as she had been told. Or was it simply her imagination that has run rampant?

This is the first book in a series called the Well Spring Periodicals where Samantha Robbins unravels the mystery of who she really is and the roots from where she has sprung.


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