Finding The Hero Within Paperback

Finding The Hero Within

Leslie Weston (Author)



Do you feel inadequate about your ability to bring the best version of yourself (the hero/superstar within you) to life and you wish there was a way you could uncover that part of you and make the most of it?

And are you looking for a guide that will help you tap into the hero/superstar within you without confusing you along the journey to discovery?

If you’ve answered YES,

Let This Book Show You Exactly How To Bring Out The Hero Within You That Has Been So Deeply Hidden Within!

We all have a hero within us that is waiting to be unleashed, uncovered and let to shine. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to live all our lives without ever discovering that part of us.

The fact that you are reading this is evidence that you understand the need to unleash the hero within and make the most of them but have no idea how to go about it and are probably wondering…

Where is this hero?

Why have I had a hard time unleashing the hero?

Where do you get the will to be fearless in your journey to unlocking the hero within?

What can I do to bring this hero to life?

What strategies can help you throughout the journey?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep reading, as it will show you exactly how to bring out the hero so hidden within you.

More precisely, you will learn:

• Who a hero truly is and why you should seek to unleash the hero within you, including the qualities of the hero within
• How self-motivation could help you unleash the hero within you
• How temporary motivation could make or break the hero within
• Why you need to have the will to be fearless to bring the hero within to life
• How having the will to be determined can work for you in bringing the hero within to life and how to use that to your advantage
• The fundamentals of being your own hero
• The place of frequency, vibration and the law of attraction in bringing the hero within to life
• How to keep the hero within to life
• And much more!
Even if you’ve always felt you don’t have what it takes to keep the bring the hero within you to life, keep the hero alive and make the most of the hero, this book will hold you by the hand until you make it your reality!

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