Dark Tales from Dreamdale: Powers of the Nightmare Slayer (Part 4)

Dark Tales from Dreamdale: Powers of the Nightmare Slayer

Jeremy Robertson (Author)



After being banished into the Dreamland of Limbo, Skyler, the Nightmare Slayer, seeks revenge on Arden and his friends. Arden realizes Skyler is plotting against them. Arden and his brother knew the Nightmare Slayer used to be on their side. But after Count Comatose made the Slayer drink his dark soul soup, the Nightmare Slayer was turned for the worse. Desperate to help the Slayer, Arden and his friends do what they must to prevent the powers of the Nightmare Slayer from unleashing the demons in the Dreamland of Limbo into Dreamdale.

The Nightmare Slayer did not realize the soul soup he drank made him impervious to pain and magic. Count Comatose wanted Skyler to choose to be on his side, not the dream team. The Slayer’s powers are superior to our superhero. While in the Dreamland of Limbo, the Nightmare Slayer falls under a deep slumber, with no control over. If Arden awakens him, he may feel disorientated after being in a world where evil should not be disturbed. Trying to get on Skyler’s rational side again, Arden and his friends do whatever it takes to get the Nightmare Slayer well still before he combines his powers with Arden’s magic to destroy them all and the world around them.


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