The Divine Blood of Jesus Christ





This book is about the power of the divine blood of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind, who by His shed blood on the cross, man was reconciled to God. The blood of Jesus Christ who was fully God and fully man. This book signifies the atonement which speaks the return of the authority upon man, restoring the original state of man who was created to have daily fellowship with God. The power in the divine blood of Jesus removes sin and cleanses the conscious and makes man to be in right standing with God. The divine blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel for those who receive Jesus Christ as the Lord and shepherd of their souls. In this book , the benefits of the using or proclaiming the blood of Jesus Christ is revealed by the Holy Spirit. The blood of the One who was given a name above all names, He makes us to live above all situations and circumstances, we overcome by the power in the blood of Jesus which restored to us the authority to have dominion and rule over the earth. The blood of the animals, in the Old Testament failed to remove sin, it failed to bring back the authority that was lost by Adam, but the blood of Jesus was able to restore all that mankind lost, and we now live in confidence and victory of the One who died for our sins and conquered death. This book emphasizes the finished work of Calvary that was accomplished by the High Priest of all times, who entered the Holy of Holies carrying His own blood. His blood speaks forgiveness, restoration, love, victory and mercy that flows from the Throne of Grace to perfect our salvation. His blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel, for the divine power in His blood separates us for good works in Jesus Christ.


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