Pixels & Atoms

Pixels & Atoms

Nil Malika (Author)



Imagine purchasing a one-way ticket in the spur of the moment, to meet someone you’ve only known online. Someone with a secret you’ve never figured.

Anthony lives connected to the Internet, disconnected from the “real” world. His life consists of programming, online surfing and frequent conversations with his digital friend, Zoe. They both exchange witty comments, jokes and quirks as a means of escape. Anthony has known Zoe for years, however her own escapism consists of a secret yet unknown to him. He is triggered, both by curiosity as well as the mundanity of his job to visit her on the other side of the world. Unknown to him, her secret will change him entirely.

Aside this secret, Zoe coincidentally has an old acquaintance who happens to be a scientist, working with Out of Body / Near Death experiences and lucid dreaming, and the concept of “reality”. Professor Watkins needs two volunteers for his newest, classified project; to unveil what “reality” constitutes. And this is exactly what Anthony has been attempting to figure out.

A portrayal of the impact that modern technology and cyberspace has on our lives. A relevant, relatable and timely topic.


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