In a world often consumed by routine and repetition, “The Secrets of a Life Well Lived” beckons readers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Steven Roberts, an esteemed entrepreneur and health evangelist, unveils a holistic approach to unlocking inner happiness, fostering personal and professional growth, and nurturing a life of purpose and fulfillment.


Inspired by the wisdom of Robin Sharma, who once said, “Don’t live the same year 78 times and call it a life,” this book serves as a guiding light for those yearning for self-awareness, optimal health, and true purpose. Roberts shares profound insights into health, abundance, mindfulness, empowering beliefs, and the reawakening of one’s inner self. The narrative seamlessly weaves personal anecdotes, expert guidance, and transformative exercises, offering readers a blueprint for positive change.

As a testament to his mission of radiating positivity and adding value, Roberts takes readers on an intimate introspective journey. He delves into the creation of self-awareness and self-actualization, unveiling the personal guidance system that leads to the realization of human potential. The book challenges conventional thinking, reimagining the path to inner happiness, personal and professional growth, and the essential sense of belonging crucial for a life of joy.

“The Secrets of a Life Well Lived” extends beyond mere self-help; it is a comprehensive guide to improving life habits, behaviors, and dismantling self-limiting beliefs. Roberts seamlessly integrates holistic thinking, faith, belief, and actionable steps to empower readers in their quest for transformation.

Steven Roberts aspires to be recognized as a subject matter expert, thought leader, and personal development influencer through “The Secrets of a Life Well Lived.” His intention is to guide individuals towards realizing their full potential, fostering inner happiness, and intentionally designing lives of purpose. With a wealth of experience as the Owner-Principal at Nouveau Enterprises LLC and a dedicated entrepreneur, executive, investor, and author, Roberts stands poised to inspire positive change on a global scale.

Steven Roberts, hailing from Washington D.C., is a multifaceted professional with a mission to radiate positivity and add value to the lives of others. As the Owner-Principal at Nouveau Enterprises LLC, he brings a wealth of entrepreneurial expertise, executive acumen, and a passion for health advocacy. Steven Roberts emerges not only as an author but as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to transform their lives through purposeful introspection and intentional growth.


Here is an exclusive interview with Mr. Steven Roberts related to his personal experience throughout the whole publishing journey –


1. Hello, Let’s Have your Interview. Welcome! Kindly Introduce yourself.

My name is Steven Roberts, I’m an executive, and personal and professional coach.

2. I heard that you wrote a book and your Book is creating a Buzz in different marketplaces. Kindly share with our audience what is the title and subtitle of your Book.

Yes, that’s right. I just published a new groundbreaking book on personal transformation which is grounded in Holistic well-being and can only be found at the intersection of Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Nutritional health which accelerates and improves every aspect of your life!

3. Kindly tell a brief story of what your Book contains.

My mission in creating this book was to share decades of personal struggles and the lessons learned and the most effective systems I’ve created that have helped me fast track personal growth, the lessons I’ve learned in teaching and coaching others in business and social environments and applications over the past 25 years. I wrote this book to help others learn that you can’t achieve true wellness or experience a life well-lived with only one, two or three of these elements of intentional and optimal living, you must achieve a balance of all of the ‘Core Four’ elements of Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Nutritional health and wellness to reach your full potential and to add value for all of those who depend on us in personal and professional areas of our lives. The writing of this book was very intentional and personal. You see, Holistic health and mental wellness is comprised of 80% of our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions – and 20% of the reality (the world around us) that we live in. The thoughts we choose based on these influences shape our reality and ultimately determine how we live our lives physically, mentally and spiritually. The quality of our lives depend on the quality of every thought that we think and allow into our minds and lives, as this ultimately determines how we see our world. So then, improving the quality of our life then ultimately depends on the quality of thoughts you choose and allow into your mind.

4. Who and what is your biggest inspiration to write a Book?

My greatest inspiration was in seeing the challenges and hardships those in my life, both personally and professionally have faced, and how many of these hardships were directly correlated to their limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, self-doubt, negative programming and the fact that many had no one to help them work through what were often imaginary barriers and self induced limitations. Simply giving them the support, coaching and ability to see their world through a different lens transformed their thoughts, decisions, beliefs, behaviors, actions and results! Seeing the successes of others through this process is what excites me as the ripple effect of benefits that this has on not only them, but their family, friends and colleagues is very fulfilling and satisfying to me! As Wayne Dyer says so eloquently, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

5. After you have published your Book, you are getting very good visibility and popularity among Readers. What is the secret behind your such popularity?

Yes, my marketing is solely ‘grass roots’ right now, but the initial response by my circle of friends and family has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m already actually using the “RPM Principles” in the book to train new colleagues which has been extremely beneficial as the modern guide to personal growth and development as well as in professional development! In fact, one of the colleagues going through the RPM principles with me now has been so effective that his colleagues are asking what happened to him and how he’s made such amazing improvements in himself over the past 90-days! Though it’s early in the publishing of the book, the secret I believe is that I wrote this book through my personal experiences, the lessons learned and the pain in the mistakes I made which were necessary and valuable lessons. I believe I’ve put my heart, soul and authentic intent in this book to help others learn from the lessons I

6. To whom do you have/want to dedicate your Book and why?

I wrote this book for those who don’t feel they have a voice, or support, or anyone to help them find their path, their spark and the methods to achieve their purpose, potential and the future they’ve dreamed of having. I dedicate this book to every readers journey as a path to find the blueprint to their success and turn decades of pain into years or even months or weeks! And, I dedicate this to those battling mental stress, Illness and fighting to live a Life Well Lived.

7. Whom or what do you consider the biggest strength in your life?

As a boy, my strength was my mother who inspired me to dream big, be confident in every endeavor and to live a life of purpose and meaning. Over the past two decades, my strength has been the influence and support of my wife and my constant and relentless drive to learn, personally grow and the focus to achieve self discovery and self actualization through challenging myself to become the next best version of myself again and again! Faith, belief, demanding the best from myself and surrounding myself with quality friends and colleagues has been a instrumental in my own growth as well. As the saying goes…”show me the five people you spend most of your time with and I’ll show you who you’ll become.”

8. How was your Book writing and publishing journey and have you faced any troubles while completing the process? And how much you have enjoyed your publishing journey?

Honestly, I wrote this book for myself first. It was a bit of a combination of a journal, a confession and a powerful desire to help others going through the same struggles in life. We all think we’re the only ones going through hard times and challenges in life, but I’ve learned through years of C level leadership roles, my coaching, writing and through failures in my personal life that everyone fails, doubts and has challenges in life that if looked at from the right perspective, become the most valuable learning lessons imaginable! The writing of this book was therapeutic for me and the result of the book, aside from helping many rediscover their passion, direction, self worth and purpose, it helped me see my own journey from a new perspective as well! As they say, the best way to teach is to become the student! I’m so blessed to have a passion for learning, growth and thought leadership, so this has been a true blessing for me. I also published a storybook on business culture and transformation in 2017 called ‘The Architect of Excellence’, which is also available on Amazon which was the precursor to this book.

9. What are your expectations regarding your Book and where do you want to see yourself with your Book?

My expectation and desire is to help thousands if not millions on their path and journey to discover their potential, their purpose and passion. And as importantly, my desire is to inspire those who read the book and benefit from it to pay it forward and help others in their lives as one of the main lessons in the book is to add value to others, inspire and create a community of like minded community leaders, business leaders and to impact the world positively in general. I see this book as the catalyst to writing more books, supporting personal, professional and spiritual growth within myself and more importantly in all of those who read and follow the system and RPM principles in the book so they can positively impact and influence others!

10. Have you thought of writing any Book in near future?

Yes, I am in the initial process of writing a book that addresses how personal growth and professional paths are changing based on AI, the global shift in technology, and in the values and social changes that are taking place faster now than at any time in our future. Influence, leadership and community will transform everything in the years ahead, and I plan to write a book to help people prepare for this inevitable change in our world.

11. What message do you want to give to your readers who have read the book and will be reading the Book in the coming days.

My message is that there are strategies, psychology and methods that you can implement that can literally transform your life today…so why wait! I would like those who read this book to read it at least two or three times, because the principles in this book are simple, but not easy as we’ve all been programmed to believe that life only works in the way that we’ve been conditioned to think, which isn’t true. The best way to predict your future is to create it…and that begins with looking at life, your potential and in what’s possible differently! I promise if you read this book with an open mind, grab the bonus material that comes with it as an exercise to achieve, you will benefit in ways you can’t imagine today because of your limiting beliefs and conditioning. And in the end, I want the readers of this book to use it as a long term reference, guide and inspiration to step out of the world of “the known” and step into the unfamiliar and unknown as this is where positive and lasting change happens! And lastly, believe in yourself, in your future, your potential and turn ‘dreams’ into beliefs, a plan and a series of ACTIONS and watch your world transform while synchronicities and serendipities begin to happen all around you!