Recovery At The Sea

RECOVERY AT THE SEA 12 Step Guided Meditations




“All living things are either growing or they are dying.”
The Book ‘Recovery At The Sea’ contains the full transcripts of the audio/videos produced by the same author. It is meant to be used as a tool for those who have participated in the meditation series. It will be useful to reflect back on what they experienced and keep handy. Additionally, it can be a resource to those working with others’ in recovery. A tool already prepared for them to narrate themselves to a recovery group.
The whole series of meditations take one through a guided meditation of relaxation while the soothing sounds at the sea are so softly present. They are then lead to the ocean and imagine the journey through their next step in recovery. After the entire journey, the ultimate goal is a journey forward! A new design for living! A new pathway to success! Even more, a Spiritual Awakening!
Afterall, if we aren’t growing forward then we are going backwards. Join me on your journey forward!


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