Arise Kingdom Lioness

Arise Kingdom Lioness: Coming Out of Hiding

Stephania Saintpierre (Author)



Have You Been Feeling Overlooked, Unseen Or Unheard ?

Are You Struggling To Accept The Call Of God On Your Life ?

Do You Struggle With Imposter Syndrome ?

This Book Was Written At A Really Vulnerable state of my life. The Lord Had Just Revealed To Me The Calling That was ON MY LIFE.

ONE Encounter With God Changed A lifetime of Doubting The Reason Why I Was On Earth. But I still Had One Problem; DOUBT.” Could I Really Be Chosen ?”

The LORD Revealed To Me That There Are Many Women Who Are Where I Once Was. Doubting That God has CHOSEN You. Doubting Whether Or Not God Can Use You Because Of Your Past Mistakes. Doubting That You Have What It Takes To Make An Impact In This World.

This Is The Hour For The Lioness Within You To Arise. Women You Are More Than Just Sex Appeal, A Wife And Mother.

Women You Are The Temple Of God.

Women You Are The Apple Of God’s Eyes.

It’s Time To Walk Boldly in your calling.

It’s Time To Shift Generations And Bloodlines.

It’s Time To Step Into Your Assignment And Do what God Called You To Do.

It’s Time To Be unapologetically Radical for Christ.

The Time Has Come For Everyone To See What God Has Been Hiding Inside Of You.

Kingdom Lioness ARISE !


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